Parentage and Philosophy behind Syntel Telecom

Syntel commenced operations in 1989 as a CDoT licensee for Digital Public and Private Switching equipment. Within a few years of the technology transfer, Syntel established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of the CDoT256 port Rural Automatic Exchanges.

Today Syntel and its partners have a customer base of over 4.5 million users across India backed by 7 branch offices and over 100 field resources for sales and service support.

Owing to its reach and distribution infrastructure, Syntel has carved a leading position in the mid-market business space and is rapidly consolidating its position in the enterprise segment.

Syntel is the Telecom division of Arvind Limited, flagship Company of the Ahmedabad based Lalbhai Group, one of India’s most respected industrial houses with revenues exceeding USD 1 billion.

Parentage behind Syntel:

Arvind Limited is an enterprise committed to excellence, innovation, perseverance and undying attention to customer and societal needs.

Founded in 1931, Arvind established its position as one of India’s leading super-fine fabric manufacturers for the domestic market. However, Arvind always felt the pulse of the market by welcoming change and reinventing itself for the challenges of a dynamic society and marketplace. Over the years, Arvind successfully integrated diverse businesses, services and products unified by common a vision of enriching lifestyles.

Arvind is amongst a few organizations worldwide with a portfolio of brands that are as distinctive and relevant across diverse consumers. At Arvind, brands work across multiple channels, price points and consumer segments. The expanse of the Arvind brands cape is spread across the Indian market with around 273 standalone brand stores in addition to 975 counters selling through key accounts and multibrand outlets across India.

Own Brands

  • Mainstream
  • Excalibur Gant
  • Flying Machine

Licensed Brands

  • Bridge to Luxury
  • U.S.A. 1949
  • Energie

Premium Brands

  • USPA
  • Arrow
  • Izod

Popular Brands

  • Ruf & Tuf
  • New Port University
  • Mossimo

Joint Ventures

  • Bridge to Luxury
  • Tommy Hilfiger

While Arvind diversified immensely within the textiles and apparel space, it has also made its mark in diverse sectors of engineering, telecom and real estate. Syntel Telecom is one the sub brand of Arvind Limited and widely known as Arvind Limited Telecom Division.

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