Safeguarding the Now: Commanding the Future of Security

Security is not just a priority but a meticulously planned strategy. Over the decades, Syntel Telecom has stood at the forefront, prioritising the protection of assets and sensitive information as an essential part of its strategic plan. Syntel Telecom’s Security

Experience the next generation technology

NEOS Nexgen is a modern all in one hybrid IP PBX device with SIP, PRI & GSM connectivity that will meet all your complex voice communication necessities. NEOS Nexgen is based on a 1 GHz Processor with 750 MHz DSP

Communication made simple with Neo-DX

Small entrepreneurs & establishments require a communication system that offers all the basic functionalities of an intercom, coupled with some hi-end features of an EPABX, at a price that fits in within their tight budgets. Recognizing these specific requirements, Syntel

A new age Digital EPABX: The Neos System

At the cutting edge of technology, the Syntel PBX under the brand name NEOS is an innovative all in one IP Ready, Digital EPABX system with GSM and PRI connectivity which can meet all your complex voice communication requirements. The

Parentage and Philosophy behind Syntel Telecom

Syntel commenced operations in 1989 as a CDoT licensee for Digital Public and Private Switching equipment. Within a few years of the technology transfer, Syntel established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of the CDoT256 port Rural Automatic Exchanges.

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