Syntel is home to many talented professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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Our employees feel that it is an absolute delight to work at Syntel. With an extremely warm and friendly work culture, the atmosphere is like one large family. All employees are given the freedom to explore, innovate and function as entrepreneurs: this automatically in stills a sense of responsibility, loyalty and a high degree of ownership.

Platforms to showcase overall talent besides simply work, have been created. Employees are encouraged to work to the best of their potential. OD tools have been used to create a system that recognizes and appreciates outstanding efforts, besides supporting and encouraging those that show interest and aptitude to progress. The Syntel system is extremely employee friendly.

Syntel follows the Lean Kaizen philosophy, so that any form of wastage – in manufacturing, processes, communication and operations, may be limited and improved upon. Access to the various Kaizen Management tools and knowledge is an added bonus.

Syntel leadership is extremely friendly and encouraging of innovation and ideas, and these are often implemented within the organization. The leadership is also extremely transparent about their decisions, growth plans and road map. The management will always encourage those who outperform their duties.

The foundation is one of honesty, integrity and transparency – this is carried forward at all levels of the organization.

The Syntel Ethos 
  1. Treat employees with dignity, respect and justice, taking into consideration their different cultural sensitivities.
  2. Value honesty, loyalty, integrity & self-discipline: this forms the core unspoken value system of the organization.
  3. While being traditional in our value systems we balance this with adaptability to the dynamism of the industry.
  4. Our people are our biggest asset. We must nurture them and take care of them.
  5. Syntel Telecom believes in developing people through the various available OD tools.

How Syntel treats all stakeholders – Employees / Partners / Investors / Vendors

Syntel Telecom is a part of the Arvind Mills / Lalbhai Group – a solid, dependable group of companies. Over the years, Syntel Telecom has come to be known for its fair practices and friendly policies: wherein the interests of the employees / and other stakeholders are safeguarded; while balancing the business’s needs. Syntel is synonymous with ethical and fair practices. Syntel has always supported all stakeholders: in good times as well as difficult times. Our employee satisfaction index is very high so most of our employees have been with us in the long-term. Our value system is automatically instilled in all stakeholders.