Syntel NEOS Server based IP PBX serves from 256 to 64000 ports

NEOS Infinity is a modular and server based IP communication platform designed to meet the needs of medium and large organizations.

An IP based communication platform with scalability up to 32,000 IP/TDM Ports. NEOS MAX and Infinity platforms are tailor made for medium and large organizations and also allowing growing organizations to expand their communication systems cost effectively over time.

In addition to standard features of SIP telephony, NEOS Max & Infinity provides unified communication and collaboration to all users through compatible IP phones and mobile devices. Users of NEOS Max & Infinity communication platform can keep communicating through various devices whenever and wherever they are. The platforms are power packed with many features such as:

Unique Features

  • 32,000 IP / TDM Ports
  • Geographical Redundancy
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • GSM
  • System Health alarm alert on SMS and Email
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • 20 Hybrid Extensions
  • KTS Functionality from Analog Phone
  • Inbuilt Hospitality Features
  • Inbuilt Voice Logger support
  • Free PMS Integration
  • Remote Access Web Programming
  • Long line extension supports up to 10 kms
  • Hot redundancy supports (Infinity)
  • 48v PSU and Extension support

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