NEC UNIVERGE® SV8000 Series Digital DECT Terminals

Combines the advantages of digital telephony with the superior quality and advanced features of DECT technology.

NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8000 Series Digital DECT Terminals combine the best of both worlds.  In the process, they help organizations unify their business communications to become more mobile.

NEC’s Digital DECT phones work seamlessly with NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8000 Series communications servers. Installing Digital DECT is easy, and both data and network remain secure. All communications are encrypted to protect the privacy of the company and its customers.

By adding a DTL-RPT-1 repeater to the system, the coverage area of the Digital DECT telephone system can be extended in all directions – including vertically. The repeaters are installed so their coverage area overlaps the coverage area of the base – then the base hands off calls to the repeaters as employees move from one coverage area to another. When connected to the repeater, the mobile handset operates exactly as it does when connected to the base. Users never perceive handoffs from the base to a repeater – even during an active call.

This Digital DECT wireless system provides the workforce with perfect voice quality, seamless handoffs and a secure air interface. A company’s investments in its existing telephones, applications and network infrastructure are secure.


  • Delivers on-site mobility that improves efficiency and productivity
  • Provides a cost-effective wireless solution built on proven technology
  • Offers crystal-clear speech and secure air interface through powerful encryption
  • Improves customer satisfaction by increasing user accessibility
  • Installs quickly and easily

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