This sleek and powerful system incorporates an elegant triple 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera cluster, three high-definition 70-inch LCD screens, and theater-quality audio to bring people together as if they were just across the table. The IX5000 Series includes the single-row, six-seat IX5000 system, and the dual-row, 18-seat IX5200 system.

The IX5000 Series delivers an exceptional immersive experience and a faster return on investment, both in lower deployment costs and innovative features that are designed to encourage higher utilization. You can deploy it easily and quickly without customized HVAC or electrical needs1. With support for H.265 video, the IX5000 Series requires 60% of the bandwidth consumption of other systems. Together with half the power consumption, the IX5000 Series lowers deployment costs, making it possible to deploy the immersive experience beyond the boardroom to all your teams.

Product Highlights:

The Cisco IX5000 Series creates a high-quality, simple, and reliable immersive experience by seamlessly integrating modern design and technology:

  • Three 70-inch 1080p, 60fps LCD screens offer real-size, lifelike remote meeting participation.
  • Three state-of-the-art 4K UHD cameras clustered together deliver optimal eye contact and a continuous whole-room experience.
  • Three 1080p, 60fps video streams and two 1080p, 30fps content-sharing streams offer superior video and content collaboration.
  • Integrated fill-lighting helps ensure high-quality video capture.

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