Executive Level 4G IP Phone

A68LTE is a LTE IP Phone with 32 SIP accounts used in 4G(LTE) and 3G network environments. Its design concept is based on “higher working efficiency, visual operation, excellent voice quality, exquisite detail and unique appearance”. It is a management-level VoLTE phone especially designed for industry users and SIP operators with 4.3’TFT color screen, 8 BLF keys paging slave screen, 4G(LTE) and 3G network access supported, dual gigabit network port, PoE, EHS wireless headset, and extension module. Excellent hands-free voice quality experience, 9-way conference, and higher level of ZRTP encryption method highlighted its features in management-level IP phones.

A68LTE supports all the 4G(LTE) and 3G technology standards from different countries, but please note that different countries might need different 4G modules.

Key Features

  • 32 SIP accounts(With dual-color LEDs)
  • 4.3″, 480×272 revolution Color LCD
  • LED Phone status indicator
  • Silver metallic paint keypad
  • 376×96 revolution slave screen
  • 8 BLF key(With dual-color LEDs)
  • Silver metallic paint surface
  • Keypad pervious to light
  • HD full range telephone receiver
  • 3W high-power loudspeaker
  • Anti-interference microphone
  • Super big chamber, super hands-free
  • Support LCD expansion module
  • Built in 4G full netcom

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