Entry Level Wi-Fi IP Phone

“Visual operation, Simple button, rich features, HD voice, exquisite details, innovative appearance” as A10W design concept, is a high-end 1SIP account entry-level business phone specifically for office staffs. It incorporates full view black&white graphic lattice screen, support 2.4G Wi-Fi and dual-port Ethernet. Its “3W high-power loudspeaker hands-free, 5- party conference, higher level of ZRTP encryption and innovative appearance” are highlight advantages in Entry-level IP Phone.

Key Features

  • 3 SIP accounts
  • 132*52 graphic lattice LCD
  • LED Phone status indicator
  • Silver metallic paint keypad
  • Silver metallic paint surface
  • HD full range telephone receiver
  • 3W high-power loudspeaker
  • Anti-interference microphone
  • Super big chamber, super hands-free
  • Support wall – mounted
  • Built in 2.4G module, 5DB high gain antenna

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