2016Polycom appointed Syntel as it’s SMB distributor for India for it’s video and IP solutions.
2015Signed up as Value Added Distributor for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise for their entire range of solutions for India market.
2013Entered a strategic alliance with Cisco for marketing their video conferencing & Collaboration solutions portfolio.
2012Largest NEC India partner for PNS range of solutions.
2009Entered into a strategic alliance with NEC for marketing their entire range of private networking solutions in India.
2008Established a leadership position as the preferred vendor in the Service Provider Market segment .
2006Launched NEOS – an ISDN PRI enabled all in one Digital EPABX/KTS – indigenously developed & designed by Syntel R&D.
2003Crossed the 1,000,000 installed lines milestone for PBX users.
2002Successful completion of 1,000 ruggedized EPABX supply to the Indian Army.
1997Awarded the Self Certification Status for the CDoT 256 P RAX by DOT for Quality Assurance.
1997Became India’s largest supplier of CDoT for 256 port Rural Automatic Xchanges
1996First EPABX Company in India to be awarded ISO 9001 Certification.
1994 First modularly designed Syntel 1030 Analog EPABX launched in India.